Resources for working with your patients

Explore the Truth about Weight Patient Brochure to use with your patients living with obesity. Each resource aims to support you with a specific aspect of working with your patients, from how to begin the discussion about weight, to setting meaningful goals your patients can implement.

Use a BMI table

A BMI table is a useful tool that patients can use to understand more about BMI. Work with your patients to help them determine their BMI to help them better understand their obesity classification.1

Recommended Classification of BMI

Category BMI (kg/m2)
  Caucasian, Europid and North American ethnicity
  Underweight    < 18.5
  Normal (healthy weight)    18.5–24.9
  Overweight    25–29.9
  Obesity Class I    30–34.9
  Obesity Class 2    35–39.9
  Obesity Class 3   40–49.9
  Obesity Class 4   50–59.9
  Obesity Class 5    ≥ 60
  South-, Southeast- or East Asian ethnicity
  Underweight    < 18.5
  Normal range    18.5–22.9
  Overweight—At risk    23–24.9
  Overweight—Moderate risk    25–29.9
  Overweight—Severe risk   ≥ 30
Canada  Obesity Canada